Sample White Label PPC Reports

Sample White Label PPC Report

Our custom reports provide monthly evidence, for your clients, of the thoughtful process in which we apply our experience, expertise, and knowledge as Pay Per Click and Facebook Ad Managers.  You hire a PPC expert with the expectation that he or she will continuously try and improve account performance.  Doing this requires in-depth analysis, and our custom recommendation reports, document our tailored approach to managing your pay per click and Facebook Ad accounts.

Don’t simply settle for auto-generated, cookie cutter reports!  If you aren’t receiving custom recommendation reports then please contact us.  We’ll show you why PPC reporting matters.

Our monthly, custom recommendation reports, provide you and your clients, transparency into what we are doing within the accounts we are managing.  You will receive these custom recommendations every month so it can provide additional talking points should you have monthly meeting with your advertisers

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