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Tools for PPC Experts

Denver PPC employs PPC and Google Google Ads experts. We have developed case studies, tools, and reports to help our own professionals more effectively serve our internet marketing clients. Many of these tools are presently being made available online free of charge.

The tools are described as follows:

PPC Competitor Ad Survey

Allows a PPC manager to analyze competitor ads accross US metros. If you wish to know more about how we perform competitor analysis for our PPC accounts, then please contact us.

[This tool is only available to affilates.]

Sample PPC Report

We have loads of sample PPC reports which can be downloaded for free.  Our PPC Reports are customized for each client and vary from month to month. If your current PPC Manager is not providing you with customized monthly PPC reports, then it’s highly unlikely that your PPC Manager is providing you with customized PPC management services. Don’t settle for cookie cutter PPC services!

Sample PPC Road Map

This is a sample of the internal information we maintain for each PPC Advertiser. It is updated continuously and provides the basis for managing our client’s pay per click accounts. If you are a Denver PPC client, you can ask to see a copy of your PPC Road Map at any time.

If you are presently managing Google Ads or Bing accounts for clients then you’ll understand the importance of maintaining an accurate archive of strategy, tactics, revisions and your evolving rationale for making such revisions, as well as:

  • tracking performance over time;
  • documenting economic analyses; and
  • tracking performance details over time.

PPC Case Studies

We have developed the following:

PPC Case Study – Attorney

PPC Case Study – Online Store

Ask Us about PPC & SEO Tools

Except for its PPC Competitor Ad Survey, Denver PPC presently offers its tools and surveys free of charge. If you find them particularly helpful, or would like to report a problem with any of them, then please use our contact form or drop us a line.

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