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The economy has dealt a blow to SEM Companies, Web Design Firms, Internet Marketing Firms, Search Marketing Companies, and Ad Agencies across the United States.  Many are suffering cash flow difficulties due to nonpayment by customers or contract cancellations. If you are in such a difficult situation, Denver PPC may be able to relieve your cash flow crisis.  We help loads of great Denver Service Companies, including SEM Agencies.

Don’t Bet the Farm . . . or Your House

For SEM Companies, what are the chances that you are going to replace your lost revenue and balance your cash flow given the current economic conditions?  Realistically, for many search engine marketing companies and web design firms which are locked into high cost structures, the chances are slim.  The only way such companies are going to balance their cash flow is to cut costs fast.  Maybe you can still borrow further against your house, but that is just a temporary solution to the fundamental problem.  For SEM Companies, before you bet your house, consider all the alternatives.

Are Your Payroll Costs Too High?

Analyze your expenses for the past month.  For most SEM companies, payroll and lease payments constitute 3/4 (or more) of expenses.  Lease expenses are not discretionary, they are binary:  the only way you’ll escape a lease obligation is through business bankruptcy, and if you’ve personally co-signed for lease obligations, through personal bankruptcy.

So, for most SEM companies, it’s all about payroll.  If you’re still inclined to fight to remain viable, then your best realistic solution is to cut payroll costs TODAY.  Don’t bet your SEM business or your house on keeping your highly-paid developers, SEM Professionals, and web designers for several more months in the hope that you can find enough work to fund them under the current difficult market conditions.  How many of them are dispensable?  What alternatives do you have?

Our Costs Are Lower Than Yours

We are better positioned than most SEM companies and design agencies.  We can offer services at wholesale prices because our cost structure is significantly lower than yours.  We hire the smartest and most talented SEM Professionals for a fraction of your costs.

You can make money on your existing contracts by outsourcing your service obligations to us (or selling them outright), instead of losing money on your remaining contracts by servicing them in-house with your highly paid SEM Professionals.

Guaranteed SEM Service Upgrade

For SEM companies, we can guarantee that your SEM clients will enjoy an upgrade when you outsource, or outright sell, paid search management contracts to us.  We specialize in managing Pay Per Click accounts.

Our terms for Pay Per Click white label services are the most flexible–they are month to month, meaning you can delegate accounts to us for awhile, and keep the option open to resume management of them yourself at any time in the future.  If you delegate or sell pay per click accounts to us, we guarantee a service upgrade for your clients.  If you doubt the quality of our analysis and management, check out one of our sample reports, Attorney Google Ads Report, and a PPC case study for a Law Firm.

WordPress Experts

We are experts in creating search optimized WordPress websites.  You’ll earn more by subcontracting a WordPress site to us than by trying to complete the site in-house.  You’ll ensure better service for your clients, than if you put it out for freelance.

Webmaster Services

If you require Webmaster services to maintain or improve websites for existing clients, we can assist you in servicing and maintaining PHP sites and .Net sites.  Today we host, and provide webmaster services for over 50 websites.

Offering Terms

We offer the following solutions for SEM Companies, ad agencies, and web design firms:

1) We Offer White Label SEM Services

We’ll give you a quote for pay per click management services based on wholesale prices, set at an amount which will allow you to cut your payroll costs, ensure uninterrupted service to clients, and continue to make a profit on your accounts.  Under this scenario, we do the work, and you stay in the driver’s seat in all respects.   Read more about our PPC Outsourcing.

This solution is revocable, meaning that you can reverse it whenever you please.

2) We Buy SEM Accounts

This option involves cooperation from your client(s), and certain contract stipulations including for subsequent non-solicitation and retention.  You would phone your clients and inform them that you are transferring the rights and obligations of the contracts to Denver PPC.  Once the clients accept the terms, then you would be paid for the contracts in installments and would forfeit all other rights to the contracts permanently.

3) We Pay Commissions on Referrals

We pay commissions for referrals equaling 20% of initial fees, and 10% of recurring fees.  If you can win a contract, we can service it and pay you residuals.

Call the SEM Lifeline

If your SEM company is in trouble, then under any of our alternative offerings, you would avoid hocking your house, protect your clients’ interests, save your reputation, and possibly even save your business.  You can find in us, either a long-term business partner, or a buyer.

Please phone Troy now at 303 975 2810 to compare notes about the current business environment, or assess whether we may have any common business interests.

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