Pay Per Click Companies

Pay Per Click Companies

Even Pay Per Click Companies outsource PPC to Denver PPC Management.  SEO agencies choose us to manage their PPC accounts because such agencies can’t beat the professionalism of our services with their own in-house resources.  Also, our fees are sufficiently competitive to allow such agencies to offer our services to their SEO clients and still pocket a cut themselves.

If you are a search marketing company which is struggling to manage PPC client accounts internally, then consider partnering with Denver PPC Management as a means of upgrading your PPC services. Under such arrangements, we most often work in a back office capacity, bill SEM companies (not clients), and prepare our monthly reports on the SEM company’s letterhead.

It’s unlikely that you directly employ more PPC professionals. All our PPC Professionals are full-time, direct-hire employees.  It’s unlikely that you have made the same investments in training as we have made.

Please ask about our rigorous analytics, our great prices, month to month contract terms, how our long-tail approach will improve ROAS for your clients, our great reporting, and our references from other SEM companies.


In terms of how we organize the administrative side of things, that depends somewhat on what your objectives are for PPC:

  • Not concerned about qualifying for Google Professional Company?  Link your accounts to our master MCC.
  • Need exams to qualify for Google Professional?  If you contract to us a sufficient amount of PPC work to occupy one or more of our Ad Managers on a full-time basis, then we may consider allowing them to take their Google Ads exams under your MCC account!

Getting Started

We begin on a test basis by giving you a quote on just one of your live client accounts.  You like our offer, and decide to give us a try for a month.  You pay us and arrange account access.  We do a great job, then you give us more work.  We represent you well, you get referrals for more PPC work, we give you custom quotes for each new prospect, and so on.

Please give Troy a call at 303 975 2810 to inquire further.

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