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Denver PPC manages pay per click advertising for a variety of national and local companies. Our PPC management services include managing Google Google Ads and Bing Adcenter accounts.

Local Denver PPC Advertising Accounts

Local PPC advertisers, including service companies and specialty retailers, choose Denver PPC to manage their Pay per Click advertising because our fees are affordable, and because we tailor our PPC services to meet each company’s needs.

If you are a local or national company, contact us today to discuss your PPC ad management requirements. With no obligation to choose us, we’ll analyze your web marketing needs, provide you some initial recommendations for improving your ROAS, and a quick quote for PPC management services.

Aside from the Denver market, we also presently manage Pay per click campaigns for several service companies in Parker, Evergreen and the I-70 corridor, and for some very large companies with national as well as local scopes in Boulder and Flat Iron Crossing. References are available upon request.

National PPC Advertising Accounts

National companies choose us to manage their accounts because our diligent maintenance and rigorous monthly reporting combine to represent exceptional service offered at reasonable monthly fees.

We are pay per click managers for several national online stores. In terms of categories of advertisers, our national accounts also include national franchises, and service providers with national scopes.

Presently our national PPC accounts include companies headquartered in New York City, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, as well as Colorado. If you are a national PPC advertiser, call us today at 303 975 2810 to learn how you can upgrade your PPC management services without breaking the bank. References are available upon request.

SEM Companies

SEM companies choose Denver PPC Management to co-manage their PPC accounts because they can’t beat our services in-house. Really how could they? After-all, we specialize in PPC and used to employ a school of PPC managers offshore, so we know our stuff.  We now manage all accounts in Denver, CO and are still able to keep our fees sufficiently competitive to allow SEM companies to offer our PPC management services to their SEO clients and still pocket a cut themselves.

If you are an SEM company which is struggling to manage PPC client accounts internally, then consider partnering with Denver PPC management as a means of upgrading your client services. Under such arrangements, we most often work in a back office capacity. This means we bill SEM companies (not clients) most often on a fixed fee basis, and prepare our reports on the SEM company’s letterhead.

To receive a quote on one or more client PPC projects, please give Troy a call at 303 975 2810. References are available upon request.

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