Google Ads Qualified Company

Google Ads Qualified Company

Denver PPC is one of the few PPC companies in Colorado which have met the requirements for Google Ads Qualified Companies, now called a “Google Partner”.  Becoming a “Google Partner” requires an Google Ads management company to manage a minimum of $100,000 in ad spending during the past 90 days, employ Google Ads Qualified Individuals who have passed the Google Ads Examinations and implement the recommended best practices in your clients’ accounts (which demonstrates we are maximizing our clients’ Google Ads performance).

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Many companies claim to be Google Ads Qualified Companies, but are not current. Can you see Denver PPC’s Google Ads Company Qualified link on the bottom right corner of our page? Please, click on it. You’ll notice that it goes to a page hosted by Google, which proves that our qualification is current. If an agency claims to be Google Ads Qualified, then it should have a similar logo and link to a certification page hosted by Google. If a company’s Google Ads Qualified Logo isn’t click-able, then it’s quite likely that the company isn’t actually Qualified, or that its qualification is no longer current.

Google Ads Qualified Individuals

There is a significant difference between an Google Ads Qualified Individual and and Google Ads Qualified Company. We employ many Google Ads Qualified Individuals, plus we have met the spending requirements as a company to prove that we have the requisite experience to manage Google Ads accounts. If you have questions about our status as an Google Ads Qualified Company, please do not hesitate to phone Troy or Tony at 303 975 2810.

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