Qualified PPC Professionals

Qualified PPC Professionals

Professional Qualifications

We manage a lot of Google Ads and Bing PPC accounts.  We create custom reports for most of our client’s accounts.  This, along with daily maintenance, requires some manpower.  Our team is comprised of approximately 10-15 PPC Account Managers.  Most of these individuals have achieved professional Google Ads qualifications, and the remainder are presently studying to pass their Google Google Ads exams.

Google Ads Qualified Professionals

Denver PPC presently has 13 pass credits for the Google Google Ads “Search” exam and 4 pass credits for the Google Google Ads “Display” exam.  Several of our employees have been Google Ads Qualified for many years (and have passed the Google Ads exam more than once).

By virtue of managing PPC accounts for a number of search marketing firms on a sub-contractor basis, Denver PPC manages Google Ads accounts linked to a number of master client centers.  Four of these MCC accounts have sufficient ad spending which exceeds the the minimum amount to qualify us as a Certified Google Google Ads Partner.

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