Pay Per Click Consulting

Pay Per Click (PPC) Consulting

If your PPC campaigns are performing poorly, but you don’t have the monthly budget to support a management company, you should consider a PPC consultant.  With this in mind, you shouldn’t hire just any “PPC Consultant”, they need to be just as trustworthy and experienced as a management company.  You need to hire Denver PPC as your PPC consulting company.

Benefits of hiring us as consultants include:

  • Save yourself time, money & stress
  • Experts when you need them
  • No contract

PPC Consultants can save you time and money!

If you own your business (or are in charge of running a business) and you are just “dabbling” in AdWords, chances are you have spent many hours setting up your account.  Now all you have to do is turn it on, right?  But wait… are you now going to start flushing away your hard earned dollars?  Let’s not forget to mention the additional stress and aggravation of it all!

Although it is difficult to guarantee results, you can reduce your risk significantly by building the right campaign structure from the start.   In addition, what’s your time worth?  Can you be more successful putting your skills into operating your business, networking and managing your staff?

If this sounds familiar, then hire us as your PPC consultant.  We start at $150/ hour and are flexible depending on your online marketing goals. Whether you need recommendations to improve the account, new campaigns or training for you and your staff, we can help.  Contact Troy or Tony at 303-975-2810 to discuss.

PPC Consultants when you need them!

Ok, so maybe we won’t be answering calls at midnight but how nice would it be to hop on a quick call to get your questions answered when you have them?   It’s like having a PPC manager on retainer.  However, rather than paying $50K a year plus benefits, you pay us hourly as needed.  In addition, you get the experience we have acquired while managing hundreds of accounts in many different industries.

No Contracts or Commitments

Afraid of commitment?  No problem. Want to test the waters? No problem.  We offer complete flexibility with our consulting and don’t require a 6-12 month contract like most agencies.

If you are interested in hiring a Pay Per Click consultant then please contact Troy or Tony at 303-975-2810 to discuss your options.

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