Improve your ROAS

Higher PPC Returns

Crunching the Numbers

Our analysis leads to continuously improving Returns on Ad Spending (ROAS) for you.  Over the past several years we have developed systems for ensuring that ROAS analysis is built into every aspect of our Pay per Click account management process.  When we take over any PPC advertising account, we begin by targeting click to lead and click to sale acquisition costs.  These allow us to set bid limits on each element of your account, and serve as a foundation for all our structural and day to day decisions affecting your account.

“Denver PPC” Pay Per Click

As we manage your account, we measure your performance statistics against conversion targets in order to identify and skew spending towards those elements of your account which offer the highest returns.  We update your acquisition targets each month, and identify specific steps to improve performance.  These are documented in our monthly PPC “recommendations” reports.  Our “recommendations” reports provide you a basis to evaluate our ongoing performance, and also offer you a basis for making any suggestions and asking questions, as you may wish.

Monthly PPC Reports

Our monthly reports are customized for your account and include our ideas for new initiatives as well as suggestions for culling any elements of your account (including ads, keywords, ad groups and campaigns) which are not meeting the established performance benchmarks.

If your existing PPC Manager is not regularly providing you with custom detailed reports illuminating their analysis and improvements to your account, then how do you know they are actually doing the analysis?  For more information on our PPC account management systems, please phone Troy or Tony at 303 975 2810.

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