Facebook Performance Reports

Detailed Facebook Performance Reports

At Denver PPC, we use some of the best software in the industry for our Facebook Ads management (the same tools used by tech leaders such as Microsoft & HubSpot). This allows us to offer reporting, optimization, and campaign management that exceeds that of most Facebook advertisers.

Our custom performance reports offer both a top level overview of your campaigns as well as granular detail to see in depth insights into your account’s performance. Let’s take a look..

The top level overview gives you a quick look at the metrics that matter most. What is your overall cost per lead? How often are your ads being shown? How frequent is the Facebook user in your precisely defined audience seeing your ads each month? These are a few of the questions answered by our campaign level performance stats. Here’s a glimpse:

Facebook Top Level Campaign Performance

Moving further into your reporting, you’ll find more granular detail about your campaigns’ performance. This is where you can find out if your ads perform better on Facebook or Instagram, in the newsfeed or along the right hand column, or on mobile devices or laptops. Here you’ll also find the results of any active split tests we’re conducting with your target audience, ad copy, and more.

At Denver PPC, our tools and strategies allow us to effectively split test ad attributes, audience breakdowns, settings and more, simultaneously. Here’s a quick glimpse of some of the more granular detail you’ll find in your report:

Facebook Ad Performance Details

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Or to learn more about our reporting, click here to take a look at a full sample Facebook Ads performance report to see for yourself why the transparency you’ll find at Denver PPC is what your company needs from its Facebook Ads management…

…or click here to take a look at our White Label Facebook Ads reporting.

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