Custom PPC Reports

Custom PPC Reports

We Tailor PPC Reports for Each Advertiser

The requirements of each Pay Per Click Advertiser are unique, and our custom pay per click reports reflect that fact.   Significantly improving the performance of your Google Ads account depends on a sound account structure, combined with creative analysis.  The importance to you of our monthly reports is not just keeping you informed, but rather that they document each month the extent of our rigorous analysis.

Auto-generated reports are lame. They represent a substitute for analysis.   Don’t settle for them!  Take a look at a Sample PPC Report for your industry and COMPARE!  Download a PPC Report now.

We’re not down on auto-generated Google Ads reports downloaded from the Google Ads report center. Those can provide a valuable snapshot about how your account has performed, but emailing those reports as statistics to advertisers is not a substitute for analysis, and in and of itself cannot lead to performance improvements.  If your existing PPC management company is sending you those auto-generated Google Ads reports directly instead of using them to manage the account on your behalf, then how do you know they are doing the analysis required to continuously improve the economic performance of your PPC account?

“Auto” PPC Reports Vs “Custom” PPC Reports

For Pay Per Click Advertising, our experience shows that the largest gains in ROAS are derived not from routine maintenance, but rather from creative analysis.  Custom PPC reports document custom analysis, which involves humans.  We mention this because some companies use automatic tools for managing Google Ads accounts. In fact, there are quite a few somewhat useful programs being used by PPC ad companies to manage large advertising accounts. Unless you’re on the fortune 500 list, it’s unlikely you can afford the services of such firms. Still, you might be curious about what benefits would be associated with automation.

It took IBM eight years to develop Deep Blue, the computer program which in May 1997 finally beat the then reigning chess champion, Gary Kasparov. While it’s conceivable that an intelligent program can be developed to fully automate the process of optimizing a pay per click account, the current PPC automation technology is far removed from matching Deep Blue’s prowess. Of course, IBM had an easier time of it, since the rules of chess have been more or less fixed since the 16th century.   We mention this, because the rules of Google Ads have changed almost every month since we began managing accounts in 2004!

In January 2008, Google Google Ads sent us a questionnaire asking why we are no longer using our developer’s token to create software for automating the process of bid maintenance and reporting. My reply to the questionnaire: “Please let us know, when you’ve put the icing on your Google Ads cake, and we’ll re-initiate our development efforts.” Since my note to them, Google has made quite a few significant improvements to Google Ads.

Take a look at our Custom PPC Reports to get an idea of the types of improvements which can be initiated from month to month. For a Sample PPC Report or contact Troy or Tony at 303 975 2810.

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