Affordable PPC Management

Affordable PPC Management

Fixed Price PPC Fees

Our pay per click fees are based on fixed monthly fees and for most advertisers are not a function of ad spending (unless otherwise noted).  The amount of time it takes to develop and manage an account is primarily related to number of ad groups and the frequency of reporting, and those factors form the primary basis for our quote to you for our pay per click management services.

Affordable PPC Prices Here!

Since we specialize in PPC Management, we are a leading PPC outsourcing agency for SEO Agencies and Advertising Agencies.  Such Agencies outsource PPC to us, because our prices are very affordable.  They hire us to manage their clients’ PPC accounts and tack on their own markup.  Cut out the middle man!  Appoint us directly for a significantly lower, affordable, pay per click management fee!

PPC Reporting Included in PPC Quote

Most advertisers appreciate our monthly PPC reports, so unless you ask us to skip them, they are normally included in your PPC quote.  Read about the advantages of tailored Pay Per Click Reporting and download a sample PPC Report for your industry!

Ask for a PPC Quote!

For advertisers spending less than approximately $3,000 per month, it generally takes just a few hours to look at your website, ad space, and possibly your existing PPC accounts in order for us to get an idea of what approach we are likely to take in developing or improving PPC ad accounts for your company.  For online stores, it may take somewhat longer, possibly a week to complete a Not-Quite as Quick PPC Quote.

To request a PPC Quote, please phone Troy or Tony at 303 975 2810.

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