AdWords Account Review

About Our Free 10-Point AdWords Analysis:

We find PPC accounts are like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike!  Therefore we like to get a better understanding before quoting any setup fees to our prospective clients.  This is why we offer our free ten point analysis. Not only will it allow us to be upfront with setup costs, it will also help us better understand your business.

Our 10 point analysis is a high-level overview of the top 10 common best practices every account should be doing.  Here are some of the things we will be looking at:

  1. Account structure; do you have one campaign and one ad group with 50-100 keywords or do you have numerous ad groups with specific keywords in each?  If you are in the category of the former, you will need to pay a one-time setup fee.
  2. Are you using broad match type keywords?
  3. Are you using negative keywords?
  4. Campaign settings and targeting
  5. What type of bidding are you doing?
  6. What do your ads look like? How many ads do you have?
  7. Are you running ad extensions
  8. Do you have conversion tracking in place?
  9. What does your change history look like?
  10. How is the account performing and what should be done differently?

There are hundreds of things going on within any given AdWords account and not every agency uses the same PPC management process as we do, nor will they guarantee their work (see our PPC Guarantee)!  Interested in moving forward with an account review?  Call or email us today!

Looking for more of an in-depth PPC account audit?  We can do that too.  Check out our AdWords Audits page for details about our audits and post audit consulting!


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