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Getting a PPC Quote & Review

Get a Free Google Ads Review with Every Quote!

Getting a PPC Quote for managing an existing Google Ads or other PPC account involves a review of the existing account and website; in addition to estimating a fee, we’ll identify improvements and include an explanation of those in our PPC Quote.   These recommendations are quite specific and are meant to demonstrate our expertise in refactoring and improving an existing PPC account.

We do about half a dozen reviews per week, so we see a lot of different quality of Google Ads work.  If you’re doing a great job on managing your account, we don’t mind saying so.  If your account requires improvements, we’re not shy about explaining those to you.  For more info on what is involved with our analysis, check out our AdWords Account Review page.

For prospects who do not presently have a PPC account, the PPC Quote process involves a short phone interview and a review of your website.  We call it a Quick Quote, because unless your account is huge, the review normally takes place within the same day, or possibly the following day and we provide a PPC quote generally within 24 hours.

Quote = Bid + Recommendations + Guarantee!

Ask us for a quote, and you’ll also get recommendations for improving the performance of your Google Ads Account and a performance guarantee!!

Our fees are based on our estimation of the time we will invest in improving and managing your account.  We do loads of work for other agencies on a white-label basis.  So really, nobody else is going to beat our fee quote.  Of course, you’re going to hire us based on your confidence in our abilities, and that’s where the performance guarantee comes in!

For local advertisers, our fees are quoted as fixed dollar amounts.  For advertisers spending $3K or more per month, our fees are more often based on a percent of ad spending, with a minimum amount.  Our fees for each account are based on our review and time estimates, so if you want details, give Troy a call today or fill in the form.

Guarantee:  Only as Good as our Last Click

All our PPC accounts are managed on a month to month basis.  If you like our services, you continue to retain us.  If you get tired of us, you show us the door.  We’re only as good as our last click.  However, that seems to be good enough, as we have very low turnover among our PPC accounts.  References are available upon request.  Check out our PPC Performance Guarantee.

Our PPC Quotes are Quick

Most often we review an account and provide a quote within a few day, sometimes it might take 7 days for a larger account.

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