Bing Ads Marketing Setup

Setting Up PPC Marketing

First Google Ads, then Bing Ads

Generally Denver PPC creates an Google Ads PPC marketing account, refines the Google Ads account, and then derives a Bing PPC Marketing account from the Google Ads account.  The reason for this approach is that the Google Ads marketing generates more traffic and allows us to quickly identify the most productive ad groups, keywords and ads.  Aside from that, an Google Ads account is much easier to develop and maintain and this is very important for a new PPC marketing account.  A new account generally requires significant refining throughout the initial month.

Bing Ads PPC Marketing

I wish there was something nice I could say about the process of editing a Bing Ads PPC account.  Since I can’t think of anything even a little bit nice, let me say that Google understands that it pays to make it easy for a PPC Manager to manage and maintain an online advertising account.  About half our PPC accounts have a Google and a Bing Ads account.  The other half have just a Google Google Ads account.  Bing works great for some types of companies, but we can’t imagine a circumstance under which we would recommend a Bing Ads marketing account without a Google Google Ads account.

Reporting process for Bing Ads

If Denver PPC manages a Google Google Ads and a Bing Ads account for you, then in a combined monthly report, we will document the performance of, and analysis for, both Pay Per Click accounts.

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