Google Ads Setup

Google Ads Setup

Setting Up Your Google Ads Account

By the time you’ve appointed us for PPC management, then we’ve already had an initial look at your website, your ad space competitors, and your search space, and will have developed a rough idea about your account structure in connection with giving you a PPC Quote.

Appropriate PPC Campaign Structure

The first step in the management engagement is to plan your initial PPC account structure in terms of campaigns.  To do so, we have to know your overall ad budget, and forecast some costs per click for your account.  So if we haven’t already done so during the PPC Quote process, then we may ask you some questions, and possibly even ask you to complete a questionnaire, initially.

Preliminary Keyword List

Once we’ve identified your PPC account structure, then we begin building a preliminary keyword list.  Since we already have clients in quite a few industries, we may already have a pretty good idea about what keywords may work for you.  Regardless, we customize a keyword list for you by analyzing your website, your competitors, and through our own research techniques.

Optimal Ad Groups

As we develop your keywords, we also begin categorizing the keywords into ad groups.  Determining the appropriate ad groups for your account is critical to creating a successful campaign.  We apply our research, judgement, and experience in determining which ad groups will work best for you.  The final decisions for ad groups is always made by one of our most senior qualified PPC Professionals.

Initial Keyword List

Once we have established the appropriate ad groups for your account, then we begin buffing out the keywords within those ad groups.  This generally involves increasing the number of keywords by a factor of 5x the preliminary lists.  During this process we also develop a negative keyword list.

Initial Ads

Once the keyword research is done, and we fully understand the relative keyword values within each ad group as well as your competitors’ ad text, then we plan your positioning within your own ad space and begin writing your ads.  Your own website will give us ideas for your ads.  Aside from that, we have our own survey tools which help us catalog ads which have been used across the US by similar companies.  We write a minimum of 4 ads per ad group.  This enables us to perform ad split testing as a means of improving your ad content over time.  We often maintain themes for ads across ad groups, however every ad within a single campaign is unique.

Replication and Campaign Settings

Once the work at the ad group level is completed then we may replicate ad groups across campaigns, if necessary, adjust your campaign-level settings and test all of your ads as the final step in setting up your new PPC account.

Account Approval

Depending on what we have agreed in advance for the PPC management engagement, once we have completed the setup, we may offer you a chance to review the account before turning on the campaigns.  Activating your ads, requires entering your credit card information within your Google / Bing account.  So if we haven’t already done so, then this would be completed before your ads can run.  This entire process can take a couple of days for local accounts, and those with simple structures, or for very large accounts (including large online stores), it can literally take weeks, or may possibly even be completed over a couple months.

If you have further questions about the  PPC management details and the process of setting up your new Pay Per Click account, then please don’t hesitate to phone Troy at 303 975 2810.

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