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Internet Marketing Agencies outsource their pay per click management services to Denver Pay Per Click Management as a means of upgrading the quality of PPC Management services to their own clients.  Outsourcing to us allows such agencies to retain a share of the PPC Fees, and more often than not, generate a larger profit on the services than they could have realized by performing such services in-house.

Denver PPC is one of the leading US-based PPC Outsourcing companies in America.  We are an Google Ads Qualified Company, and we presently provide white label PPC services to 6 different ad agencies which outsource some or all of their PPC work to us.  We specialize in PPC, so we are better at it than SEO Agencies or Ad Agencies.

Wholesale Prices for PPC Outsourcing

Choose Denver PPC as your PPC Outsourcing supplier, for wholesale pricing.  We generally provide a separate quote on each individual PPC assignment.  Our minimum net fees for PPC outsourcing assignments is $350 setup (when applicable) and $299 per month management fee.  Our minimum fee might apply to a local service company, for example, with a monthly ad budget of less than $3,350.

You Define Terms of White Label PPC

What are the terms of our White Label services in terms of how they actually work?  Generally, White Label means whatever you want it to mean.  As long as you have your own customer service representatives to manage relationships with Advertisers, then your clients don’t have to be advised that their PPC account management is being outsourced.  Our Custom PPC Reports are prepared on your letterhead; we prepare them for you and you forward them to the client each month.

Many Advertisers never speak to anyone at Denver PPC (applicable when your account manager coordinates all client communications).    For other clients, they speak to one of our own PPC experts, who represent your agency to the client on a specific assignment.  For other clients, we present ourselves as an affiliate company specializing in pay per click.

The terms of our White Label arrangement will be agreed with you in advance and don’t have to be uniform across all your accounts.

PPC Outsourcing Fees & Terms

Agencies pay for our PPC outsource fees each month, in advance.

We provide custom quotes on the management of each individual Google Ads account.  The following is a sort of ballpark basis for our fees, in terms of the management of Google Ads accounts outsourced to us on a white label basis:

We provide custom quotes on each individual account.  The following is a sort of ballpark basis for our fees, in terms of white label:
For a $5K / mo client, we’d likely bill 10% gross, with a min of $700 gross per month, split 50 / 50.
For a $10K / mo client, we’d likely bill 8% gross, split 50/50.
For a $20K / mo client, we’d likely bill 6% to 8%, split 50/50.
We have a minimum for smaller accounts which is $350 / mo net.
For account refactorings, we charge a minimum additional initial fee of $350.
Contracts with white label accounts are min 6 months, with a performance based escape clause.
All fees are payable in advance, month to month.
  • For a $1K – 3,750/mo client, we’d likely bill the minimum of $299.
  • For a $3,750 – $50,000/mo client, we’d likely bill 8% .
  • For a $50K+/mo client, we’d likely bill 6% – 8%.

For account re-factoring, we charge a minimum additional initial fee of $350.

All flat monthly fees are payable in advance and all percentage of spend fees are paid the first day of the following month.  We always work month to month, with a 30 day notice of cancellation.

Alternative PPC Outsourcing / Sourcing Arrangements

Denver PPC has purchased PPC client accounts directly from Ad Agencies in the past.  Denver PPC has also saved an ailing Agency in the past, by displacing that company’s entire professional staff!!  To learn more about alternative outsourcing arrangements, please see Help for SEM Companies.

Getting Started – Outsource PPC to Us!

Generally the first step is for us to manage one of your live accounts, on a test basis.  This isn’t free–our normal fees will apply, but your commitment for such a test will be a single month.  You’ll give us access to the account (or accounts) and we’ll give you a quote and some recommendations for improving the account performance.  Then we’ll manage it for a month and you’ll decide if our services work for you on this and possibly additional accounts.  Once the test period is over, you’ll link your MCC to our MCC, if you happen to have one, and we’ll manage whatever accounts you hire us to manage on your behalf.

References from Agencies are available.  Phone Troy today at 303 975 2810  for information about our PPC Outsourcing Services.

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