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Attorney Advertising with Google Ads

Case Study: Improved Cost Per Online Conversion
by 50% in 3 months – from $360 to $178.
This is just $45 per actual Personal Injury lead!


About the Attorney & the Google Ads Account

The Donnelly Law Firm*, a Personal Liability Injury Attorney located in Memphis*, appointed Denver PPC to manage its Attorney Google Ads Advertising, based on a PPC Quote which we had provided the previous month.  At that time, the Attorney was spending $13,000 per month on Google Ads and earning new customers at an average cost of $360 per online conversion.

The Attorney featured in our Case Study offers and advertises a variety of services, including representing clients for cases involving Personal Injury, Accident Injury, Nursing Home Abuse, Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability, Traumatic Brain Injury, Dog Bites and Wrongful Death.  Prior to taking over the attorney Google Ads advertising, it was being managed by a Junior Partner in the Firm.  The advertising Attorney estimates that the website generates leads by phone as compared to online form at a rate of 3:1, which means that for this specific Advertiser, the actual cost per lead is estimated to be 1/4 of the amount captured by conversion tracking.

Initial Findings – Waste & Inefficiencies

In our initial study of the Attorney’s Google Ads account, we determined that much of the advertising budget was being wasted on a handful of keywords which were far too general.  The Google Ads account had only 66 keywords which were organized in just 3 ad groups; each ad group had just one ad.  The Google Ads account had a standard list of 100 generic negative keywords cloned from somewhere, it seems, which were not customized for industry or geography.  Overall, such an account structure violates the most basic best practices for Google Ads Advertising.

Restructuring Attorney Google Ads Account

By mid-February, we completed our Google Ads account restructuring for the Attorney.  The improved Google Ads account was reorganized into about 15 ad groups.  We performed a thorough keyword search, supported by our experience with other Liability Attorneys. This resulted in a revised Google Ads advertising account structure which today has over 600 keywords, organized in 16 ad groups, with almost 100 live ads and a custom tailored list of over 300 negative keywords.

Results of Initial Google Ads Restructuring

The advertising results for February are mixed, as the Google Ads account refactoring took effect during the middle of the month.  Comparing March to January, the account performance improved significantly, showing a decrease in cost per conversion from the Advertiser’s previous $360, to Ad Manager’s improved rate of $221.  Google Ads ad spending decreased from $13K to $11K per month, while the number of online leads increased from 36 to 51 per month.   Since only 1/4 of the leads are captured via the online form, taking into account estimated phone leads, the estimated cost per lead for March was about $55 per lead.

Continuous Optimization of Google Ads Account

Throughout March and April,  in our intense ongoing analysis of the Attorney’s Google Ads and Google Analytics data, we continued to refine and improve the Google Ads account by identifying which particular elements of the Google Ads account were performing best, improving those elements which were under-performing and eliminating elements which had historically proven costly and unproductive.  This process involved analyzing day of week, landing pages, bounce rates, cost per conversion, quality scores and time of day.

Continuously Improving Ad Text

Throughout this period, Denver PPC also continuously analyzed the results of competing ads and began identifying which ad elements were performing relatively better and which were performing worse, and began refining ads for each ad group across the Google Ads account.

Ongoing Optimization Improves CPA by 50%

By April, the cost per online conversion had fallen from the original cost of $360 per conversion to $178 per online conversion.  Adjusted to take into account the estimated leads by phone, this cost was actually closer to $45 per lead.

If you want to know more about managing Google Ads Advertising for Attorneys, please read our Google Ads Tips for Attorneys.  If you don’t presently have a local listing on Google maps, and are not using local business ads, then please read: Local Ads for Attorneys.

To request a PPC Quote for your own Attorney Google Ads account, call Troy at 303 975 2810.  Ask him about our PPC Performance Guarantee for Attorneys.

* We have changed the law firm name and metro area name as a condition precedent to using the client’s results in our Case Study.

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