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Denver PPC – Our Process

Getting Started

If you are looking for an Google Ads Company to more effectively run your Google Ads campaigns, or if you are interesting in setting up a new Google Ads account, give us a call today.  Below is a breakdown of what our process looks like… depending on if you have an existing Google Ads account or if you need to setup a new Google Ads account.

Call us today and we will help you decide whether our Google Ads Company is a good fit for your business.

Getting a PPC Quote

If you already have an Google Ads account . . .

You already have an Google Ads account?  Great, we can work with it.  First off we will need to know more about your company and your marketing objectives.  What is your website address, who are your competitors and what is your competitive advantage in the marketplace?  What are your marketing objectives (i.e. generate phone calls, online leads, chats, online sales, branding, etc.)?  We may ask you to fill out our 15 question online questionnaire to get additional “color” on your business and industry.

After we know more about your business and your Google Ads objectives, the very best way to assess your current Google Ads account is to link up to it.  We generally send an invite to existing Google Ads account requesting access.  Once this is approved by the Google Ads account owner, we can jump in and have a look.  We will do a full review and analysis of your current account and show you where we can make improvements to generate additional leads/sales at a lower cost per acquisition.  This analysis can take a few hours , or maybe somewhat longer, depending on the complexity of the account and competitiveness of the ad space.  Generally within one or two business days, we will send you an email which includes these recommendations to improve your account.

Read more about Getting a PPC Quote.

If you haven’t yet tried Google Ads PPC advertising . . .

Don’t have an Google Ads account yet?  No problem.  We will start with the basics such as discussing your Google Ads objectives (i.e. generate phone calls, online leads, chats, online sales, branding, etc) as well as viewing your website and discussing your business.  We will also ask you to fill out our 15 question online questionnaire to help us further understand your business.  Once we have a basic understanding of your business, we need to find out how much it will cost for you to advertise your products or services on Google.  The conversation looks like this:

Denver PPC:  “After researching some of your main keywords,  your average cost per click is going to average $5.00.  To get 100 clicks, you will need to spend $500.  Out of those 100 clicks, how many people do you think with contact you?  This number is called your “conversion rate”.  If your conversion rate is 10%, you will get 10 leads out of the 100 people that clicked on your ad.  Out of those 10 leads, how many of those leads will you close?  Out of those closed leads, how much revenue will you generate?  Is this revenue higher or lower than the cost to run your Google Ads account?

Give us a call and we will walk you through this process to find out if Google Ads might work for your business! 

Appointing Denver PPC

Hopefully our conversation regarding your existing Google Ads account or setting up a new Google Ads account went well Denver PPC is a good fit for your company.   Our client arrangements are on a month to month basis, with a 30 day notice of cancellation.  If we need to setup your Google Ads account or “re-factor” your existing Google Ads account, we will ask you to sign our operating agreement (not a contract) and provide your credit card to get started.  One main point to remember is this… we will build and manage “YOUR” Google Ads account.  Your Google Ads account should be viewed as an asset of your company.  Never use an Google Ads account that is “owned” by an agency.  If you happen to part ways with that agency, you will lose all of your historical and have to start all over again!

Setting Up Your Google Ads Acccount

Whether we are setting up a new Google Ads account or refactoring an existing Google Ads account, we will get started on the work within two business days or less of receiving our signed agreement.  We always provide our clients with a copy of the Google Ads campaign to make sure we are building the campaign properly.  We appreciate client feedback as it helps to ensure all campaigns are running as effectively as possible. The time it takes to complete the setup can vary according to the complexity of the account, but we generally set the expectation that all Google Ads setups will take approximately two weeks to complete.

Managing your Google Ads Account

Once you have approved your campaign and your ads are up and running, we begin actively managing your campaign(s) in accordance with our proposed approach.  This involves making strategic decisions about the Google Ads account as well as performing maintenance.  Every month you will receive two reports.  The first report is a Google Ads performance report showing the monthly performance of each PPC metric (i.e. Impressions, Clicks, Cost, Cost Per Click, Conversions, Cost Per Conversion, etc.).  We also issue a monthly recommendations report.  This report details how we are going to improve the performance of your account.  It will include such recommendations as adding new keywords, negative keywords, adding ad groups, splitting ad groups, testing new ads, increasing/decreasing bids, etc.  Some clients enjoy discussing these reports with us every month, and other clients enjoy taking a hands-off approach to the process.  Regardless of your preference, we are always happy to discuss your PPC account with you at any time.

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